The BaLinkBayan (BLB) Web Portal Project establishes a one-stop online portal that provides a comprehensive platform for overseas Filipinos to re-engage with the Philippines through the Diaspora to Development (D2D) program of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO). The portal includes a range of activities, such as diaspora philanthropy, business opportunities, tourism initiatives, and investment for overseas Filipinos.


The term “BaLinkBayan” is coined from the Filipino word “balikbayan” (returning migrant) and the English word “link,” which refers to the BLB online portal. As a portal for diaspora engagement, the project seeks to bring together more than 10 million Filipinos overseas into an integrated and comprehensive platform that taps into their knowledge, expertise, skills, networks, material resources, and financial resources to contribute to the development of the Philippines.


The BLB project serves as a tool to mainstream migration and development at the local level by providing a platform for local government units to showcase investment and other opportunities for overseas Filipinos and their families left behind in the Philippines. Meanwhile, it connects with overseas Filipino community organizations to facilitate an easier flow of communication and expand the reach of local development and philanthropic initiatives.


Currently, the BLB project has a total of 39 partner local government units and 10 Filipino communities overseas.